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13 Jul 2012

New Pictures

Posted by Will

As you may have noticed, I have recently neglected to update the website. Sorry about that. The reason for this lapse in blogging (other than laziness, which let’s face it, is the real reason) is that I haven’t spent the last 5 weeks cycling. Instead, I’ve worked at a hostel in the Polish Tatra mountains. Tomorrow, I will upload a full account of my time at Goodbye Lenin Hostel Zakopane which will explain why I stopped, what my job was, who I’ve been working with and most important of all: what I’ve been doing for fun.

Now, in the gallery section, you can sneak a peak at a selection of pictures from the past month and a bit. The post to accompany them, currently an unwritten hotch-potch of semi-amusing anecdotes and loosely-connecting ideas, will grace the internet tomorrow.

On Monday morning, I leave this place with my pedals turning towards Ukraine. Once again I will carry on cycling.



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  1. 3:07 pmpermalink
    20 Sep 2012


    hello man

    I am Rémi, a french guy you met in a small house few kms around Sarajevo – I was also travelling by bike, but at that time I left my bicycle in the hostel in Sarajevo to travel with the two swiss fellows.

    If you remember I told you than I met some people from Turkey last year when I was living in Romania, specially one guy from Gazientep (South-east of turkey); finally he is now in Istanbul; I don’t know if he has space to host people, but if you need a place to stay there, ask me, I will introduce your case to my friend. If he has space he will definitely host you. And Istanbul is a crazy city, so I warmly recommand to you stay there for at least 4 days.

    All the best for the next.

    I am back home safely but I am already planning another trip, not by bike for this time.