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6 Sep 2012

6 months on the road!

Posted by Will

As of 11am today I have been on the road for 6 months. I’m sitting in a beach-side cafe on the sunny shores of Kavala, Greece, with espresso to my left and beloved bicycle to my right. There’s an old castle perched up on a hill in the middle-distance, little boats are drifting in and out of the bay and a large group of old men are getting excited about a game of backgammon a few tables behind me. 6 months have brought me here and it feels like exactly where I want to be.

Nayplios, a new Greek friend I just met, has just left to go and explore the old town. We’ve spent the morning here talking about all the wonderful places there are to see in the world and he gave me some invaluable tips on cycling in Turkey. His advice on life, which seems to ring truer than ever in the present surroundings is to take things slowly and avoid ever rushing from place to place just to get further ahead. I’m definitely guilty of this and perhaps that’s something to consider over the next 6 months.

I’m fortunate to have seen so many beautiful places, have experienced the company of so many different people and have had the time, resources and circumstances to make a trip like this one. As those who read my blog regularly will know, the stand-out feature of the trip so far has been the kindness of strangers around me. In the past 6 months, this has given me more to contemplate than anything else.

Last night I had the most fantastic view from my camp yet. I didn’t put up my tent – why bother when it’s over 20 degrees at night and the breeze keeps the mosquitoes away? I just lay on a hidden slab of rock, 10m higher than the sea level, with a view of the entire bay out in front of me. Mountains circled the tiny settlements along the shore and there were lots of stars in the sky. Other than that, I’ve recently been swimming in the sea, visiting Ancient Greek ruins and climbing the local mountains.

It’s not all rainbows but the highs are high and the lows pass quickly and harmlessly. The last 6 months really have been great.

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4 Comments already on “6 months on the road!”
  1. 11:38 ampermalink
    06 Sep 2012


    Will – great 6 months of following your trip!
    You really live the life of a bike traveler.
    I wish you good luck and even more great experiences in all the upcoming months/years of your bike trip!

    Best wishes from Stockholm!

  2. 11:14 ampermalink
    09 Sep 2012

    Gareth Shellard

    Congratulations Will on an amazing first 6 months! It’s been an absolute pleasure to read about your adventures, and the pictures always make me very jealous! Keep going buddy, you’re a real inspiration and I know you’re touching a lot of people with your journey. Can’t wait to read more. All the best from sunny (for once) England. X

  3. 1:10 pmpermalink
    09 Sep 2012


    Ditto to the above comments, Will. Well done, you.
    So sorry you and James passed like ships in the night!
    Nayplios’ advice is very sound. It’s not the getting there: it’s the journey…. as in life, really! Enjoy it to the max!
    Look forward to reading the next six months.
    Lots of love, Fran

  4. 12:30 pmpermalink
    11 Sep 2012


    Hi Will,

    It’s been a pleasure to read about your adventures all these months :) I hope you have enjoyed Greece ( I just love the food, sea and landscapes there) and are ready to conquer Asia! It is so nice to see that you have met so many nice, friendly and helpful people during your trip.

    We are all doing fine in Finland. Salli’s final exams have just begun with English language and they will continue next week and fthen again in 6 months time. Maija has changed football into badminton, oh boy ;) NYC was great in July for Antero an me, such a lively city full of energy! For the Premier League, some of us are really happy with the results so far… like West Ham supporter, I am though a bit worried about Liverpool ;)

    I hope you have splendid things ahead of you in Asia!