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4 Mar 2013

Getting a visa for Uzbekistan in Tehran, Iran

Posted by Will

Uzbekistan (Jan 2013 – Tehran Consulate, Iran – StanTours)
N.B. Visa information falls out of date quickly so check a number of different sources. I am a British citizen travelling with a British passport. Visa rules and costs many be different for your nationality.

p1060725-800Moderate. There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to whether you need a ‘letter of invitation’ or not. As a British citizen applying in Tehran, you do need one. A Belgian friend of mine travelling at the same time was able to get a letter from his own embassy in Tehran which sufficed although it meant the processing time was much longer.

I used the travel agency StanTours which has a good reputation splashed all over the internet. They provided me with a letter of invitation for 40USD in 6 days. Allow 7-10 days for this to come through – I think I was lucky with how quick it all went. You can continue cycling while the letter of invitation is processing so think about contacting StanTours 7-10 days before you plan to arrive at the Uzbekistan embassy.

At the Uzbekistan embassy, I arrived an hour before opening time (9am in Tehran) and was therefore first in the queue. I gave them the required documents and they gave me the visa in 10 minutes.

My Belgian friend went to his own embassy, got them to print out a letter of support (a letter confirming his status as a Belgian citizen), gave it to the Uzbekistan embassy and was able to pick up his visa 10 days later. The Uzbeks didn’t hold his passport, only a copy, during this time.

No hotel bookings, tours or flight tickets required.

Documents required by StanTours: passport details, electronic copy of passport details page and electronic copy proving employment or studenthood (a university card was enough for me)
Documents required by pick-up embassy: passport, passport copy (x2), passport photo (x2), letter of invitation, visa application form filled-in
Cost: 93USD (visa), 40USD (StanTours service)

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