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5 Apr 2013

Tajikistan: Photo Update

Posted by Will

Sorry for the lack of words.

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5 Comments already on “Tajikistan: Photo Update”
  1. 2:56 pmpermalink
    05 Apr 2013


    Wow, what a panorama!!
    These pictures don’t need any words!

  2. 2:06 pmpermalink
    06 Apr 2013


    will, that are so amazing pictures. you are really doing it!
    wish you a lot of power for the last countries in central asia!

    greets. soeren

  3. 2:18 pmpermalink
    06 Apr 2013

    mike & Emma

    Wonderful photo’s, loving the blog when we occasionally get to read it! You must have some seriousl muscles by now !An amazing adventure…..keep going.

  4. 9:43 ampermalink
    14 Apr 2013


    Wow! I love reading your posts Will but frankly I’d be surprised if you had any breath left for words in this terrain.

  5. 1:08 pmpermalink
    18 Apr 2013

    Gareth Shellard

    Keep rolling buddy! Hope the travels bring you bigger lungs and legs for those ascents, and bigger b@!!s for those descents! Looking forward to your next blog post. Met up with Tim,Charlie, Jack and Tom Price in Cambridge the other weekend, we were discussing GCSE maths and Mrs. Mills, especially that time you threw my text book out of the window and I went out after it! Good memories! All the best until I hear from you again via the blog! x