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20 Apr 2013

Getting a visa for Tajikistan in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Posted by Will

Tajikistan (Mar 2013 – Tashkent embassy)
N.B. Visa information falls out of date quickly so check a number of different sources. I am a British citizen travelling with a British passport. Visa rules and costs many be different for your nationality.

p1060726-800Easy. But you do have to wait a while. The price quoted was for express processing (1 week!) and later I found out there is a slower, 2 week process which costs half the price. No invitation required. Passport copies suffice during the waiting time and only on visa pick-up day does the embassy take the real thing for a few hours.

Wade your way through a crowd (be firm but polite – they most likely have been waiting a long time) and you’ll soon be spotted by the guard who will let you into the compound. Expect to wait up to an hour in the compound before you can get to the all-important visa window. I found that forcing the issue a bit sped things up – keep asking the guard and make yourself visible.

Documents required: passport copy (x2), passport photo (x2), visa application form filled-in, brief letter requesting a visa (Dear Sir, blah blah blah …)
Cost: $54 – 1 week processing, $27 – 2 week processing

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