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19 Jul 2013

I’m still alive and cycling

Posted by Will

Just a quick note to say that I’m alive and cycling.  I’m about to leave Semey in north-east Kazakhstan.  Tomorrow, I’ll start my 3000km across Siberia in only 30 days.  Various escapades expected possibly featuring:

- bears (and my penknife wielding ability)
- home made vodka (and my inability to keep up with the villagers)
- inebriated locals (and their conversations)
- running out of food and water
- infuriating mosquito bites (and the horrendous job of putting up the tent)
- police checks
- not being allowed in after all!

Or perhaps it will all go according to plan…updates to follow soon.

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  1. 4:27 pmpermalink
    19 Jul 2013

    mike & Emma

    If African “Plans” are anything to go buy I should start making several!! Good luck xx

  2. 8:27 ampermalink
    15 Aug 2013


    Hey, Will. What about your adoring public?