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10 Nov 2013

How I came to have my bicycle

Posted by Will

Sit down children because now it’s story-time.  I think it’s high time you heard about how I came to have my bicycle in the first place, don’t you?  About how my adventures began?  About how the ball got rolling?  Huddle in close so I don’t have to raise my voice and mind you don’t talk while I am, there’s nothing I like less than an interruption.  Come on, squeeze up, you’ll want to hear this one. Everyone settled?  Right, let me begin.

Once upon a time
When pigs were swine
And monkeys ate haute cuisine,
There was a young man
Who thought of a plan
To toast his becoming eighteen.

When they heard of the ruse
His closest did choose
To stomach the words he said,
For the scope of his scheme
Though odd and extreme
Had sown a seed in their heads.

His birthday arrived
They danced and they jived
His present came out of the store,
He tore off the box
And stood back in shock
Then let out a deafening roar!

A bicycle, gleam,
A proud shade of green
And grinning from ear to ear,
Our hero looked south
Then opened his mouth
To make his intentions quite clear:

“I will ride on this bike
From dawn until night
As long as my limbs are free
Through Calais and Dijon,
Then Chalons and Lyon
To find the Mediterranean Sea!”

His brother looked up
Stared straight and stood up
He cleared his voice to declare,
That he would come too
Bid fond adieu
To everyone else who was there.

Now picture the scene
A pair in between
An ocean of sceptical smiles,
They boarded a ferry
Both hearty and merry
Due south from the British Isles.

The boat touched the shore
And like never before
I stood by my younger brother,
A journey begins
With a glance and a grin
And one foot in front of the other.


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