In March 2012, I left my home in Gloucestershire, UK, to cycle around the world. I have no idea how long this will take ...

Cycling in ‘Georgia’

15 Nov 2012

Georgian hospitality and the battle through Eastern Turkey

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Highs and lows aplenty in the past fortnight as I’ve cycled my way out of Georgia into the easternmost parts of Turkey. Unrestrained Georgian feasting, monster mountains, petrol station stews, mosque kipping, driving rain, stone-throwing kiddies and the ever-present cay all feature in my lastest update. Getting out of Tbilisi was not easy. Immediately, the road started winding uphill and…

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1 Nov 2012

Red-faced in Tbilisi

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I’m in the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, where I have stayed for 10 days. It has not been a trouble-free visit by any means. On the first night a small cut on my face turned into a large infected mess swelling up my nose and upper lip quite dramatically. A high temperature, an oozing wound, dodgy doctors and my…

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