In March 2012, I left my home in Gloucestershire, UK, to cycle around the world. I have no idea how long this will take ...

Cycling in ‘Turkey’

19 Nov 2012

Edge of the saddle hostility in Turkey

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(NB. Apologies – For my safety no photographs were taken) My last day in Turkey was eventful to say the least. I thought I would be sad to leave a country so rich in human warmth, natural wonders and historical treasures, but instead I found myself cycling fast for the safety of the border. Only 5km from Syria, this area…

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15 Nov 2012

Georgian hospitality and the battle through Eastern Turkey

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Highs and lows aplenty in the past fortnight as I’ve cycled my way out of Georgia into the easternmost parts of Turkey. Unrestrained Georgian feasting, monster mountains, petrol station stews, mosque kipping, driving rain, stone-throwing kiddies and the ever-present cay all feature in my lastest update. Getting out of Tbilisi was not easy. Immediately, the road started winding uphill and…

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14 Oct 2012

Iran visa secured!

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I can not contain my excitement: I have an Iranian visa! Some Farsi squiggles, a shiny new hologram and a squashed picture of my face now decorate a page of my travel-shabby passport. This is what I have to show for a lot of research, four weeks waiting, four weeks worrying and a large fee. Here’s how, as a British…

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9 Oct 2012

Cappadocia and a few hundred kilometres further

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Cappadocia is a small area in central Turkey famous for lunar landscapes and ancient cave dwellings. For outdoorsy people it is a dream come true. I spent 4 days climbing into caves, trekking through valleys, scrabbling around underground cities and putting my feet up to the sight of dozens of hot-air balloons floating across the sky. I’m convinced you’ll find…

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2 Oct 2012

Tea Time in Turkey

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(NB. Lots of new photos added dating back to Albania – check the gallery) I entered Turkey over 3 weeks ago and have come to love spending time here. It all started well when the official at the border crossing joked he wouldn’t stamp my passport unless I accepted him as a Facebook friend. Funny – I laughed. He smiled…

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