In March 2012, I left my home in Gloucestershire, UK, to cycle around the world. I have no idea how long this will take ...

Cycling in ‘Sweden’

15 Apr 2012

Cycling Sweden 2 – Freezing over

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After 10 days of battling the weather, hills, traffic and frequent punctures I’m now safely in Umea, northern Sweden. Right now, I’m further north than Anchorage, Alaska and only a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle. It’s been the toughest stretch so far but the ride was spectacular through sleepy rural villages, in the middle of untouched forest and…

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3 Apr 2012

Cycling Sweden – Snow, wind, forest, infection

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I’m now in Stockholm, capital of Sweden and at present city of snow. The temperature hovers at around 2-3 degrees celcius but a strong wind blowing from the north means it feels a lot colder. Luckily for me, two guys by the names of Andrew and Jan have agreed to have me to stay in their warm student apartment. Andrew…

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